Our Story

Why we started and how we are helping to innovate the construction industry.

The Context

The building industry has been stagnant and failing to embrace innovation for too long. Megatrends like urbanization and population growth are pushing demand yet at the same time we are increasingly lacking skilled site labor.

The Start

A couple of years ago we asked ourselves what can we as construction specialist actually do to improve the process?

How to Solve It?

We knew that we can’t expect different results if we do the same thing over and over again.

And we also knew that the construction on-site cost equation is not too complicated. At the end of the day, it basically boils down to material and labor cost and let’s be honest, opting for cheaper materials usually backfires fast.

Our Solution

The only thing we can actually affect is time. More specifically, how we use time and minimize the non-value adding activities.

We believe the most effective way to improve construction productivity is to take as much of the work as possible off-site into controlled factory conditions where it is possible to increase the level of automation and effectively manage safety, waste, and quality by applying the tested principles of Lean Manufacturing. By applying advanced computer- aided machinery and collecting real-time data at every stage we can enable our specialist to use the available time as productively as possible, with minimal waiting times and physical energy.

In addition to the process change, we believe that buildings of the future should be made out of sustainable materials and timber happens to be perfect for the job. Wood is the construction material of the future and is ideal for prefabricated panelized building solutions as well as effectively reducing the carbon footprint of construction.

By harnessing the latest technology and IT systems and combining it with our knowledge of main contracting and civil engineering we set out to create the most advanced off-site manufacturing to offer our partners value without compromise.

Welement is part of Rand & Tuulberg Group that has over 23 years of experience in construction, real estate development and manufacturing of construction materials.

Based in Estonia

Northern Star

Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia and to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia. Across the Baltic Sea lie Sweden and Finland.

Forests for All

Forests cover about half of Estonian territory. More than 40% of them belong to the state and are certified as organic collection areas. Everyone can freely pick berries, mushrooms or just enjoy the freshest air.

Great Minds

Estonians understand technology: Skype revolutionized communication, TransferWise changed international money transfers, GrabCAD helps to build products faster and Starship robots reframe local delivery.

Wooden Houses

With 140 enterprises, the manufacturing of wooden houses is one of Estonia’s key industries. Around 85-90% of houses are exported, mainly to Norway, Germany, and the UK, making Estonia the most successful home exporter in Europe.

Lauri Tuulberg

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With prefabrication, the sooner you involve an offsite construction specialist, the smoother and cost-effective the whole process will be.

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