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Welement BoKlok

BoKlok Housing building system for subsidiary buildings

BoKlok is a ground-breaking housing concept, de- veloped by Skanska and IKEA. Together they build blocks of flats and terraced houses for people who want to live in a home of their own, but still have mon- ey left at the end of the month.

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BoKlok Housing purchases their modular buildings with a centralised procurement model and develops long term partnerships with their suppliers. Together with their suppliers and partners they have developed a unique mass customisable housing solution using modular volumetric units. At the end of 2017 BoKlok wanted to apply the similar purchasing approach to all the subsidiary buildings which have much lower end value, and therefore are logical to solve with a panelised solution to enable enough flexibility and maximize logistics across Sweden.

“Welement has helped us with the con- figuration and development of modu- larised elements that can be assembled in various ways and combined with one another. We see Welement as a flexible company that offers a cost-efficient solution with a high quality, and are very content having them as a partner.”

Mathias Josefsson, Bo Klok


  • Develop a mass customizable building system for several different box sizes that can be ether separate or combined into joined units as well as have project specific add-ons.
  • Create an ordering system that would minimize the possibility of mistakes and enable collecting data about purchasing patterns.
  • Increase transparency and data flow between all parties within the supply chain.
  • Increase on-site efficiency and safety.


Together with the BoKlok team, we have managed to set up a building and ordering system that signifi- cantly increases the efficiency of all parties within the supply chain, starting with design and ending with assembly, while maintaining high quality and safety standards. With a transparent flow of data between both parties we can continuously improve the system in a non-zero-sum mentality.

“Our team is proud to be part of the BoKlok’s network of suppliers and help them achieve their goals of providing affordable housing”

Lauri Tuulberg, CEO of Welement

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Lauri Tuulberg

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