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Bleeding Edge Setup

Using the latest machinery allows us to reach better efficiencies with a streamlined process which surpasses traditional construction methods. Besides being able to control quality at a centralised source, building in factory environment with increased automation means better overall health and safety conditions and less risk of injuries.

Looking for a timber frame element supplier for your next project? At Welement, we provide the whole spectrum of prefabricated wood elements. Our team harnesses precise german machinery to produce and deliver superior quality products to our clients all over Scandinavia.

From private houses to rowhouses, from apartment buildings to care centres. Just contact us and we will guide you through the offsite construction process. We will help you identify the key milestones, the risks and benefits of different solutions and together we will work out the suitable degree of prefabrication needed for your project at hand.

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August Kompus, Project Manager

Are you planning a new wood construction project or perhaps looking for a reliable off-site construction partner? Let us know how we could help you.

Full Construction Cycle Experience

Welement Houses in Drøbak, Norway
Facade Elements in Knivsta, Sweden
Row Houses in Helsinki, Finland
Care Centre in Uppsala, Sweden
Fixing the Cladding
From Design to Production
Assembly in Oslo
Facade Elements in Tartu
Buffer Storage
Window Assembly Station
Assembly in Tartu

Take a look inside of the Welement factory:

Evaluate Your Project

Lauri Tuulberg, CEO

You have a real estate development project and would like to know if it is suitable for prefabrication?

Let us evaluate your designs to give you our offsite construction perspective. More often than not, only minor changes in the early stages of design can save a lot of money and time.

Just send us your project and we’ll give you feedback about possible changes and improvements.